vendredi 21 juin 2013

Talend certification by example (English version)

Like I said in my last post, today I will explain to you the different types and topics of the questions that you can find during the passage of the Talend Open Studio for Data Integration certification exam.

Questions types 

There are two types of questions in the exam : Questions with a single correct answer, and questions with multiple correct answers.
The distinction between these two types of questions is easy. In the first case the answers are preceded by "radio buttons" (image below) :

In the other case the answers are preceded by "check boxes" (image below) :


Questions topics

The Talend certification covers several topics, including those that I met during my certification there are the following: 



These are questions like: Where can we found the menu ...? Which view can do this ? How to display the following menu ? etc ... 




Graphic elements

Questions like these: How do you recognize a "start" element? How do you recognize a component with a warning or a problem ? etc ...


Business Models

These are simple questions but you must have worked with the "business models" at least two or three times to give good answers:


Some questions will be about the particular behavior of a specific component of Talend like "tUniqRow", "tReplicate", etc ...


Relationships between job

How to bind a father job to a son job ? How to connect a sub-job to a job? How to transfer the context of the father to the son? etc ...

Context variables

How to declare, initialize, etc.... Brief how to work with them.

The tMap

Many questions about the tMap, which can be easily understandable. Of the 63 questions on the exam I passed, 12 questions were about tMap :


JAVA functions

Some questions about Talend routines like "TalendString", "TalendDate" or "StringHandling".



Well, this article is now complete, thank you for reading it all and I hope it has been helpful. If you have any further questions, comments or anything do not hesitate to contact me and good luck with your exam.

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  1. Hi, Could you please share some more questions...) I am able to attempt all the 10 questions. I am planning to write Talend MDM Enterprise Edition Certification Exam. Can we get any questions on Custom Component Creation and Data Quality Components...)

    1. Hi,
      In fact I passed the Talend Opens Studio certification Exam, I have no idea about the Talend MDM Enterprise. But in the certification I passed there's no question about the component creation or data quality.

      What you can do is go to this page :
      For each certification you can see the "On-demand training" proposed by the website, go see those trainings and see what topics they cover so you will know what topics the certification exam covers.

    2. Hi,
      Do you have any other exemples of questions for the Talend Open Studio Exam ?
      I'm gonna pass the exam soon, and all help for the training will be helpful :)

  2. I want to know is it mandatory to take course/training before Talend certification for example for 'Talend Data Integration Basics 5.6 Certification Exam' certification is it mandatory to take 'DI Basics' Training or I can directly register for exam and give it?

    1. No there is no need to take any course or training, but it's recommended to be a daily user of the tool before taking the exam.

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  4. Please provide all other questions for Talend Open Studio DI certification Exam.. TIA

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  7. Hi Mustapha
    thanks for the nice article, I'm going to take the exam next week could you please share more question to my e-mail

    Best regards

  8. Could you please share more question to me ?

  9. Hi Mustapha,

    I am going to pursue Talend Data Integration certification. Will you please provide me question dumps for reference. Please mail me Looking forward to your response.

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  10. hello, does anybody has some informations / questions for the Big Data exam?
    thank you

  11. Dear All,
    Im planning to write Talend Certification exam over the next weekend.
    Anybody from this blog share me the questions for reference that would helpful for me to clear the exam.
    Thank you in advance.

    Upendra Balija

  12. Can anybody send me the documents/materials for Talend Data Integration developer exam. My


    can you share 2018 questions?

  14. Hi mustapha, can you share more questions.

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